We understand the daily struggle that agents are facing today. We focus on the hard working Hispanic and Middle Market consumer. We have built a platform of carriers, products, sales concepts, and training to help increase your sales.

Agent Support

Here at Pegasus we support our agents for all daily tasks. Help with quotes, case design, risk assessments, contracting, you name it, we are here to help. When many agencies send you to an automated system or generic emails, we take the time to get it right with every agent.

Your Back Office

Focus on your sales pipeline and writing new business. We will work to get your new business through the pipeline and notify you every step of the way. Our case managers will send case status updates directly to your inbox and are trained to get your business placed quickly.

Agent Training

Our training program is built to help you succeed. One on One or our group settings we have a helped agents across the country understand simple to advanced concepts to close any case. From small to big cases we can help you get it done and get paid quickly with the best products & carriers.


The Hispanic Market

Coverage for people with ITIN's

Our exclusive ITIN coverage programs can help you get ALL of your client’s covered with NO Limits. If your client is a Dreamer or just has an ITIN just beginning the imigration process, we can help get them coverage up to any amount. Our Proprietary ITIN programs can protect your clients here in the United States, no matter their current status.

Spanish Marketing Materials

We have materials in both English and Spanish. Term, GUL, IUL and Final Expense products all have brochures, guides and more in Spanish that you can use for any Sale. Never worry about how you are going to explain the product to your client again. 

Market & Sales Expertise

Pegasus has been in the Hispanic market for over 40 years and has carefully crafted the products, carriers and sales strategies to help our agents succeed in this marketplace. We help our agents define their target market, create a crafted sales funnel and build a successful product working with Hispanics. 


What We Do Best


Pegasus has invested in technology to help our Independent Financial Producers (IFP’s) succeed. Our IFP’s have access to industry leading Quoting tools, eApplications, personalized sales systems, and tech support. Our entire operation is powered by an advanced AI management system to help get your business processed up to 50% faster than traditional means.

Agent Support

We understand that the application you submit is your paycheck and your livelihood. We take every one of your client applications seriously and work hard to get it from submission to issue as fast as possible. Our friendly and white gloved support is loved by our IFP’s to this day and is what sets us apart from many other organizations who just don’t want to work with you on problem cases.

Sales Systems

We want you to be as successful as you can be. With our sales systems we can help you sell more insurance and higher premiums with our proven systems. From term insurance to IUL’s we give you strategies, presentations and turn-key sales systems to help you increase your production today! Looking for leads? Our cost-per-lead, voice lead and facebook leads helps our agents generate new clients.


18402 US Highway 281 N., Suite 265
San Antonio, Texas 78259

(505) 298-2111

18402 US Highway 281 N., Suite 265
San Antonio, Texas 78259

(505) 298-2111


Pegasus Insurance
18402 US HWY 281 N., Suite 265
San Antonio, TX 78259
Phone: 505-298-2111
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