Pegasus Digital Training Schedule

Thurs. January 14th

Part 1: Benefits of IUL

In this session you will learn about the benefits IUL can offer your client. The flexibility and tax advantages that Indexed Universal Life offers are unlike any other financial vehicle and should be considered as part of any financial portfolio. 

Thurs. January 21st

Part 2: IUL Basics

Learn the basics about Indexed Universal Life. We will discuss the basics like Caps, Participation rates, how the product accumulates cash value, loans and more. This is the perfect start and refresher for Indexed Universal Life.

Thurs. January 28th

Part 3: The Presentation

So you understand why IUL is an important tool, and how it works, but how do you present this to the client? This session will teach you how to discuss the benefits, and present the product to your clients making your points clear and easy.

Thurs. February 4th

Part 4: IUL Sales Illustration

Finally, the most important part of any IUL presentation, the illustration. Learn how to run a great illustration that shows not only cash accumulation but also future income potential. With a few simple inputs you can create a successful plan that can fit into your clients budget.


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