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HOT Products You Can Sell (Part 1)

Maximize Your License and Income

Sales Options for 2022

This has been a HOT summer and it is only getting started. Have your sales been just as hot?

We want to help keep your summer momentum moving by showing you all the different products and systems that you have access to. So we will start our new series to help you learn about all of the HOT products you have access to.

The first session will be focused on getting your cases submitted and out the door fast. We will highlight the accelerated and instant decision products you have access to, and how it can help speed up your sales process. We will walk through the top programs in the country and show you who qualifies and how to use them.

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Thursday, July 7th, 2022
9:00 AM – Pacific | 10:00 AM Mountain | 11:00 AM – Central | 12:00 PM – Eastern


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