Ultra Competitive Life Insurance Products

& Breakthrough Marketing Strategies For You

To: All Life Insurance Producers

From: The Pegasus Group of Companies

I’m writing you today because I know you are (or want to be) a top Life Insurance Producer. And I know what you need to have, to be a top life producer…

  • You need quality companies with strong financials
  • You need ultra-competitive, state-of-the-art products
  • You need super-high commissions up to 100% and more based on the level of your production
  • You need sky-high target premiums because, what good is a high percentage commission couple with a low target, or commissionable premium? It translates to low commissions and YOU’RE TOO GOOD FOR THAT.
  • You need term policies that make you money rather than cost you money because the premiums are too low or the people rarely qualify for the class quoted.
  • You need service from an organization that realizes the hard work of an agent and appreciates it and treats you like a person and not a number.
  • Most important in today’s competitive, difficult market, you need to have IDEAS! You need to have specially packaged products and concepts to sell the biggest market in the life insurance industry today… The Hispanic Market!
  • You need to learn ways to become more efficient, such as the Pegasus method for selling without ever leaving the office.


The focus of the Pegasus Performance Marketing System is simple: a complete blueprint for your success, including:

  • Focusing on the best Life Markets for the next 50 years!
  • Using Social Media to Target Market
  • Selling the entire Hispanic family including those without Visa’s or SSN’s
  • Blowing away the competition
  • Maximizing Commissions
  • Finding the Niche that Fits You Best
  • New Products for New Times
  • Meeting the Demands of Consumerism
  • Becoming the Ultimate Financial Professional

When you become part of the Pegasus Family you’ll get great products and companies, but you’ll get on-target marketing strategies that will help you make it to the top.

We really want you to understand that Pegasus Insurance International is a whole lot more than selling insurance and other financial products. At Pegasus we’re creating a new state of mind, a whole new identity, a family of high achievers–of real “producers”–who are ready to throw out the tired old ideas of the past and break through to fresh new concepts that will light-up the marketplace with a financial display of fireworks like you and your clients have never seen!

Because we have what you need to become even more successful, we’d like to offer you an Executive General Agent’s contract with our top life carriers.

Our Life companies have what you need most; financial strength, ultra-competitive products and high-annualized commissions for the qualified producer!

And the Pegasus Marketing System has the secret ingredient that can mean the difference between sales mediocrity and selling super-stardom! Our on-target marketing programs can open new markets, new methods of selling that will double, triple, or even quadruple your income, increase our professionalism, and give you more career satisfaction than you’ve ever had before.

If Pegasus sounds like the kind of firm, you’d like to be associate with, if you’d like to learn more about our on-target marketing, if you’d like the exclusive “Executive General Agent Contract” with Pegasus , all you have to do is call Pegasus, (505) 298-2111 or email us at info@pegasusii.com

It’s the 21st Century and things have changed in our business. Pegasus is the “leading-edge” company at the forefront of innovation. In fact, our motto is “The Power of Imagination.” We are the company for the 21st Century!

Why not put the Pegasus Power of Imagination and Insurance to work for you?

JD Moya


JD has been in the insurance industry for over 45 years working with personal clients and agents around the country. An expert in sales and knowledgeable about every aspect of the insurance industry.


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