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Pegasus helps it’s agents when it comes to Life, Annuities and now Medicare. Building upon our existing pipeline we have created a full Medicare marketing and sales system that can help you better serve the senior market. From contracting and certification, to marketing and sales, Pegasus has you covered.

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Every 8 Seconds, Someone Becomes Medicare Eligible

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Helping This Market

Life Insurance

57% of individuals 65 and older own life insurance. Further, when retiring from the workplace, valuable coverage may be lost. Life insurance is a wonderful option to help pay for burial expenses, paying off debt, mortgage protection and even plan for funding Long-Term Illness costs through the life insurance death benefit, with the use of Living Benefits.


At age 65 all eligible individuals are able to enroll into Medicare. If they wait too long, they will be charged a penalty for Parts B & D. Medicare enrollees have the option to stay in original medicare and must buy a Prescription Drug Plan. They also have the option to buy Medicare Supplement or enroll in Part C, a medicare advantage plan.


$72.6 Trillion of assets is expected to transfer down from the Boomer generation to their children and grandchildren. Clients above the age of 65 are generally more risk adverse to protecting these assets in a safe vehicle like a fixed annuity can help someone protect their nest egg from market risk and probate and help pass it to their chosen beneficiaries.

Health Supplements

Healthcare costs can quickly add up, and even with coverage through Medicare, co-payments, deductibles and hospital stays can quickly add up for rather large, unexpected bill. Our Health Supplement plans can help your client cover these costs and maintain a healthy lifestyle during their retirement years.

Why Choose Pegasus

At Pegasus, we sale to clients every day and understand the daily struggles that our agents go through. From finding a prospect, setting up the appointment, taking the application and finally submitting the app and going through the underwriting process. We understand this process from start to finish and help each and every one of our agents be as successful as they can be. We are here to help you SOAR in your sales. We value our partnership with each and everyone of our associates and are invested in your success. We have 6 core values that we live by:

  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Transparency
  • Education
  • Dedication
  • Gratitude

Your success is our success. Soar to new heights with Pegasus today.


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