One program for all your illustrations

Learn about this one online tool to obtain you compliant life illustrations.

Aug 31, 2019 | Tech & Insurance

The illustration has to be the agents best friend. Getting an accurate quote for a client, illustrating how a product may perform, or helping guide you through a sales presentation, a full illustration is the first step. When it comes to just getting simple Term and GUL quotes, the Pegasus website,, is a perfect start. Our quote engine powered by iPipeline, the leader in insurance technology, helps quickly spreadsheet multiple carriers and can guide an agent into picking the correct product for a client. However, when needing to review the full details of a product, a carrier specific illustration may be required.

“Winflex Web lets any agent create full, carrier specific illustrations instantly without having to repeatedly enter in their clients information over and over again.”

That is where Winflex Web comes in handy. With one (1) login, any agent can obtain access to multiple carrier’s compliant illustrations. Winflex Web lets any agent create full, carrier specific illustrations instantly without having to repeatedly enter in their client’s information over and over again. In fact, if you have called Pegasus recently for help in creating a proposal for your client, there is a very good chance that it was created using Winflex Web.

Why is this such a popular tool that should be in every agent’s toolbox? Because most carriers that you are contracted with are on this web based software. Best of all, it is FREE for all agents to use. That’s right, a tool that will help you sell more that is absolutely Free!

Many of you may already be familiar with Winflex, maybe you even have it downloaded to your computer already and wondering why you would even want to sign up for the web version. First, you never have to worry about downloading another update again. Second, it works with all devices, Mobile, Tablet or any computer, including Apple’s computer. So no worrying if this will install, it just works in your browser. Finally, you can compare multiple illustrations quickly, without having to open multiple programs and slow down your computer.

To get started all you have to do is go to Then you will register as a new user. Lastly, you will choose the carriers that you are contracted with and select them to be in your portal. Once you have selected all the carriers that you are contracted with, it typically takes 24-48 hours for them to appear in carrier/product list. Once there you can select the carrier an all products to quickly quote, download and print for your next appointment.

Once all your carriers are loaded you will have one single site, and familiar system that you can start using on a daily basis. Whether you sell multiple policies a day or a week this is the perfect tool to help guide your next sales presentation.

I know it can be easy to forget the tons of information that we read everyday. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to save this article somewhere on your computer that you can easily access. Also, lookout for our next post in Tech & Insurance for ideas that can help you conduct sales meetings, annual reviews or just catch up with clients online.


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